Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I was tagged by Becks and Tara, who are two of my favorite fellow bloggers.

So here goes!


Link the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
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My Facts:

1) I am a preacher's daughter. But what you are really wanting to know is am I REALLY a preacher's daughter? Oh yah, I did the stereotype well! Just one of my many escapades involved a high speed police chase in my Chevy Spectrum (turbo!) where the driver, a boy I precariously dated before cruelly dumping for his best friend, sideswiped a rock formation leaving the entire side of the car scraped & dented. We eluded the Man that night! Vrroooom!

Honestly I don't remember why we were being chased. Probably something simple like speeding, a broken headlight or expired tags.

2) Speaking of religion...I recently found mine again. Not in the Madonna-pointy-bra way either. Just realized my upbringing instilled a faith that will always be a part of my core beliefs. Further realizing that I was simply scared to accept this faith in God. Now I have and feel so much more at peace. Don't worry, I won't get all preachy at ya'll. Still a rebel at heart after all. :)

3) I have a healthy germ phobia. I won't work in a medical office or hospital. I rarely touch public doors and Wookiepants is a dear and anticipates this when we go out. Public restrooms are an ordeal involving gymnastics and giant wads of paper towels to protect from touching doors!

4) I am allergic to all animals in various degrees. Cats induce the worst reaction. I have three. I regularly court allergic reactions (my inhaler is useful in these situations) by sticking my face in the baby's soft little tummy. Wuv!

Wookiepants has to change the litter and assist with bathing. When we bathe the cats (once every year or two), I am taking a huge risk as a splash of the wash water on my face will land me in the hospital. When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. My Mom thought this was quite funny and said I would have big pockets full of tissues for all the sniffling and sneezing. :)

5) I'm a senior level Administrative Assistant. I hate it with a passion. I feel like it kills my soul a tiny bit every day to sit in the office. It's funny though what we all do when push comes to shove. I had a full scholarship to a Art School but believed my Dad when he said it foolish to be an artist. There was no secure future in that!

Thankfully, I took word processing in High School. After the birth of my daughter, we were financially doomed. So, I creatively invented past work experience for my resume and sent it out in the dozens every day for a few weeks. After several interviews I was hired by a company that didn't check references. That was eight years ago. :)

Someday I dream to do something different.

6) I'm country through and through. In a heartbeat I would live on a farm. I would also have buckets of children. I love to be barefoot the majority of the time. One of my many dreams is to be self-sufficient. :)

However my husband and daughter are bonified city folk. The thought of living without high-rises, shopping malls, and population congestion terrifies them. They are the majority, not I, so we live in the city.

7) I saved the most shocking/weird thing for last! I hate beans, well I hate the texture of beans. The first thing my Mom said to me when I told her I was Vegan was, "You hate beans! What are you going to eat?!". I have to mush, mash, slice, or puree them before eating them. Biting a whole bean induces my gag reflex. So there you go! All my recipes with beans will have them squished in some way, even if I don't state it so.

Luckily Lentils are ok, as are split peas and regular peas. Green beans have to be the young ones so I don't come across any beans in the pods! I wish I could change this with a passion, but nothing so far has worked.


There we go. 7 random things about me. Wow, I sound really weird and ya'll don't even know half the stuff!

Sometimes when people press for personal details I cringe only because I'm sure they think I'm embellishing my stories.

Oh and as for tagging 7 other people. Pfft. Don't wanna. :P


Becks - Not a Rabbit. said...

Yay! High five fellow bean hater! I am just like you and won't touch any kind of beans unless they are pureed up in some seitan or something! Beanaphobia!
Thanks for sharing! >:o)

Tara said...

Thanks for playing! It's so much fun to learn about people. I want to live in the country, too, although I'd like to take care of buckets of animals, not children. :) Beans are usually better mashed anyways!

Lenora said...

Thanks :D Beautiful post. Not bloggin' much lately myself... but this was nice to read.