Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blogger is weird and Thrift Finds!

I'm hoping this post will fix my blogger woes. I can't see any of the old posts on my page, and in fact, it is quite devoid of anything. First I wondered if the blog had been banned by beef mongers (giggle), or possibly hacked. So we will see in a few moments...

Books found at the thrift store for $2.49 each! I've read Sneaky Chef before and find some of it useful. If you have children/spouses who hate almost every vegetable like mine do, it really helps to get ANY amount of vegetable into them. Even if it is only about a teaspoon's worth. :)

As for the yoga book (by Molly Fox), I've never heard of the author. Haven't even started reading it yet, but hope to this week. I really want to explore the benefits of yoga, but last week was just so busy with work, packing lunches/cooking vegan and looking for a new apartment.

I did make a cheesecake from this recipe for Wookiepants' birthday dinner. It was marginally ok, but had a strong Tofutti taste. Luckily the chocolate sauce I served over it hid that taste a bit. However, I won't make it again. :(

Ah, and I've been tagged. :) I feel special, but not prepared! Hopefully next post.

~~Edit: Seems as though my page is fixed, Yay! Also edited to remove some whining. Thanks fellow bloggers, it seemed I just need a round of blog reading. :)

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