Thursday, October 16, 2008

Under the weather

Have a nasty bug that's working it's way through my system so I haven't been eating anything elaborate (or worth taking a photo of, anyway).  Breakfast was a granola bar, lunch was a bowl of leftover soup and dinner was a tortilla filled with hummus & bean sprouts.  

I'm a bit excited about having kitchen time tomorrow and am going to spend the rest of the evening planning what to cook.   :)  If I am lucky I can make a week or so of meals to freeze.

Which brings me to an idea I had on Canadian Thanksgiving.  I used to be really into OMAC (once a month cooking) when I was an Omni.  These recipes were super cheap to make, too.  Feeding a family of 3-4 with $5 or less a meal.  I think that eating Vegan will actually make OMAC a LOT easier and possibly cheaper.  Don't ask me why, I'm just optomistic.  I have spreadsheets linked to Word documents containing recipes, etc.  I was like the super nerd of OMAC and I'm not ashamed.  

My biggest problem right now is that most of the recipes are not Veganized.  Also, most of them rely  heavily on processed foods.  Processed foods are not really an option once my eyes were opened to the effects they have on a person's body.  Actually I may just see if I can whip up a quick OMAC plan for the next week...or two.  Woo boy, I'm getting excited and suddenly posting has lost it's appeal.   ;)

Until tomorrow!

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Lenora said...

Hey Reni.. Hope you feel better soon! You whip together some OAMC recipes and we'll be forever in your debt! I'm having troubles with "what's for dinner" since my I learning to develop new standbys that are plant based (vs. meat based)... can't wait to see how your experimenting goes!
Here! Here! Goooooooo OAMC :D