Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sietan Steak and Soy Nuggets

First, I'm sorry about not posting on Friday as promised. To be honest I'm having a very hard time balancing blogging, working full-time and cooking for our household. So no more promises on when I'll blog next, but will promise to try to find time. :)

Looks yummy, huh? These steaks are from this recipe on A Veg*n For Dinner's blog. These were made very minor changes--I left out the sage, because I don't like it. Also, after simmering the steaks they didn't seem firm enough, so I baked them for about an hour (actually forgot about them in the oven and they got a little over-done). I refrigerated the steaks overnight and the next day (Sunday) brushed them with vegan margarine and grilled them on my mini George Foreman grill.

The verdict: I LOVED them. No, they didn't taste just like cow steak. But they did have a great texture and tasted close enough to cow steak to squash any rebellious Omni cravings. Mr. Wookiepants really enjoyed them. Teen Daughter did not like them. [sigh] She did suggest that they might be more to her liking if they were smothered in BBQ sauce. I will, however, definitely be making these again.

Oh yeah, (no pic) these made a fabulous second appearance breaded, then fried and served with marinara sauce on top. I LOVED these even more than the steaks. :) So did Wookiepants. Teen Daughter stuck to her previous opinion.


Ok, and on to the nuggets. At Bulk Barn here they sell Soya Rounds:

I soak these in Vegan Chick'n Bouillon and then double bread them. (flax seed/flour and then flax seed/bread crumbs) Then I fry them quickly in a bit of olive oil and they turn out like this:

These are adored by the whole family. I find the taste and texture almost identical to real chicken nuggets. Even Teen Daughter asked how it could have such a similar texture to chicken nuggets. :) Thanks Soya Foods! Now I just need to allow time to make huge batches of these so that they can be warmed up from the freezer with short notice.

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Anonymous said...

YUMMMMMMM! I love mock meat! Yours looks so good. I'm glad the family enjoyed it. I haven't found a good vegan nugget yet, so I'm rather jealous!
Yay for seitan success!!