Monday, October 20, 2008

Recipe review & Eating out

Part of my two hour cooking spree was making the following recipe.  The picture below is from their website--I didn't photo my cakes because they looked terrible.  

The only substitution I made was to use egg replacer and I omitted the walnuts because  they were too pricey.  This was only an OK recipe, but may have been better with the walnuts.  My finished cakes fell apart and didn't really have a distinctive taste.  (I even froze and then fried them partially frozen)  I won't make these again but the recipe does inspire a part of me to try to make a suitable mushroom & lentil cake.  One day when I have a kitchen of my own, probably.  I can't wait...


First of all, I often call my spouse 'Wookiepants',  simply because silly names irritate him.  I used to change the names often (Cupkinwonderfluff), but for some reason have settled on 'Wookiepants'. I've decided that calling him 'The Spouse' on this blog sounded harsh and have further decided that 'Wookiepants' will not reveal anything in Internet-land. 


Ok, my newest, vegan dilemma.  Wookiepants and I love dining out!  This is a huge thing for us; it's one of those couple things that makes our relationship hum.  When we dine out it's not really about the food, but about the 'event'.  With a glass in my hand and the prospect of food made by someone else, I can listen to Wookiepants describe in minute detail how many times he had to fight mob X to get some uber loot in whatever game.  He in turn will listen to me ramble on about cooking, gardening, or whatever I find interesting on someones blog.  Since becoming vegan, dining out has created a serious problem.

Our most recent problem lunch was today.  We decided on Mr. Sub (similar to Subway in the USA).   I know from previous experience (at this location) they will not grill or nuke their veggie sub.  But on their menu board was a 'Grilled Mediterranean Veggie' sub, which I ordered.  The man said, "We don't make that here".  I pointed at the menu board and told him it was right there on the menu.   The man repeated that they don't make that sub.  

Ok, I have a wee temper.  A tiny little Hulk temper that only seems to come out in a few situations, such as food service/restaurant issues.  So I was furious, and declared (quite loudly) to Wookiepants that I would not eat anything AT ALL for lunch.  He is such a sweet, quiet man and was visibly upset.  He thought we should leave and find someplace else to eat.  

This is turning into a long story, so let me sum up:  we ate somewhere else after a slight, one-sided argument.  This happens a LOT.  I know that a good bit of the problem is me.  Ok, it's probably 99% me.  I shouldn't get so upset when my diet cannot be accommodated.  Also, when we go out I just don't want to have salad, plain baked potato, or possibly some steamed veggies.  I want something that I couldn't or don't usually make at home! 

This whole situation is causing a sore spot for us.  If I know where we are going when dining out, I can check the menu online or call ahead, but if it is a spur of the moment decision (which ours often are) we often have situations like the one for lunch today.  Do most vegans who live in areas where there aren't any vegan restaurants close by eat salad/potato/veggies on their dinners out? Anyone have any tips?

On a positive note, yesterday we ate at Cultures where they have a Portabello Mushroom Panini.  I  had mine with garden salad and pasta salad.  Wookiepants had the quiche with a Caesar & pasta salad.  We both loved our meals and this was at a food court at the mall!  It was a great find for me.  :)


aimee said...

I'm lucky enough to live in an area that has quite a few Vegan options. That said, I don't dine-out frequently so it usually isn't an issue!

Aunt Juli said...

1. I love the name Wookiepants.

2. I understand the frustration, but you can often have the regular dishes made vegan. Grace sometimes amazes me at her abilities to do this.

3. I want lentil and mushroom cakes.

Julie said...

I'm lucky to have several vegan options. There are 3 vegan only restaurants within walking distance - a chinese place, a pizza place, and a thai place. There are also several places nearby that are vegan friendly. There's even a vegan ice cream place, a place with vegan cupcakes, and a raw food restaurant.

cinnamon girl said...

Hey, just found your blog through Vegandad.
I love reading your adventures into vegan land!

I can see why you were been pissed off at Mr Sub. That kind of thing gets right under my skin. It is technically illegal to advertise something you don't sell (in the country I live anyway). And it's really frustrating too.